Thank You, Initiate, for You!

Welcome to the

Sacred Garden

Community Church


We’re happy to have you here, as you learn more and move through member on-boarding we look forward to hearing about you, your story and how we as community can help you grow with us.  We try to make our selves as available as possible to each other, reach out to people who resonate with you and start meaningful conversations!

As an Initiate you can make one-time donations.  If you are interested in becoming a full-time member, we provide a contact form and will work with you to have meet your member on-boarding needs.  You can find links to the account page Here or the link to the account page at the upper right of the blue menu bar.

We limit Initiate’s Membership Portal to links for public church resources, and public only events.  You can access that page at the upper right of the blue menu bar as well. There is also a link to that Here.