Nicolle Greenheart

Nicole Greenheart is a Practice and Integration Facilitator and Community Steward for Sacred Garden Community. She is also a co-founder and former Board Member of Decriminalize Nature, the non-profit responsible for getting the decriminalization Resolution passed in Oakland. As an advocate for sacred medicine and practices Nicolle is working to destigmatize entheogenic plant and fungi use and ensure that safe and equitable access is available to all who seek deep healing and transformation, and expanded consciousness. When Nicolle isn’t busy being a homeschooling mom of two or doing facilitation and advocacy work, she is learning and growing in the spiritual and energetic healing arts as a feminine spiritual alchemist, certified Reiki healer and a careful and curious explorer for insight and soul healing. She is a student of psycho-spiritual healing, and sacred entheogenic medicines and practices. As someone with a deep desire and calling to hold space for and support others on their healing journeys Nicolle is especially committed to doing her own ongoing healing work, with the intention of deep self-love, transformation, healing, and awakening within the collective consciousness. Ultimately, her mission is for her life to be her message in which she embodies true freedom, love, joy and peace.
Nicole Greenheart

Nicole Greenheart

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