Isabel Santis

Isabel Santis (she/her)

At the age of twenty, I came to the United States from Guatemala, where my European and Indigenous ancestors have lived for 200+ years.  I currently live in the unceded territory of the Ohlone people (San Francisco, CA). When I was 25, I had a lucid dream that changed my life and launched me into what I now know to call a spiritual emergency.  I struggled to make sense of and integrate its meaning into my life and mental models, which at that time, were founded on a scientific and materialistic worldview.  This experience sparked my interest into expanded states of consciousness and let me to study Jungian psychology, shamanic journeying, and holotropic breathwork.  Eventually, my interests expanded into working intentionally with psychedelics and the dreamtime.  For years, I used the tools I was learning to further my own integration process, but I often found myself providing support to people who found themselves in the midst of a challenging psychedelic experience.  In 2016 I attended my first training in psychedelic harm reduction through the Zendo project and found my calling.


After a serious of serendipitous experiences in 2018, I decided to exit my career as a Program Manager and dedicate my life to my real mission.  I went back to CIIS to pursue a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology with a concentration on Expanded States of Consciousness.  I also re-launched my coaching practice and became certified as a Trauma-Informed coach.  During my search for community, I joined the Sacred Garden Church where I found a welcoming community of like-minded individuals seeking personal transformation and spiritual connection, and a desire to bring about a transformation of consciousness at a societal level.  I felt that I had found my spiritual home.  I am deeply honored to serve in the Elders’ Council for this beautiful community, and to contribute my skills in operations management and product development for the furthering of our mission.

Isabel Santis

Isabel Santis


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