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A spiritual platform for human consciousness to evolve through sacred practice and wisdom bearing sacraments to access Divine wisdom for insights, healing and viriditas.


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Our Healing Wheel – Your Healing Journey​​

Practitioners of the SCG are committed to engaging formal religious practice as individuals and with community, grounded in SGC founders’ experience with traditional sacred practices and revealed Truth as well as in shared scientific insights into consciousness and direct experience of divinity. Together, our leaders and membership engage spiritually healing ministry and practice. ​

practice wheel

​The Healing Wheel represents the path the SGC guides its members along. Each step has been informed by generations of practice and heart-centered discussion. It is through these processes that we prepare for, facilitate, experience and integrate direct exposure to Truth, assisted by sacred plants and careful practice.

Our Doctrine and Dogma


Compassion and softness; inviting and supporting each other to bring the best parts of ourselves to the community. Embodying the fullest expression of love, the divine, and Truth as they are uniquely and directly experienced and integrated by each community Practitioner.​


Honoring each other, the spaces we curate, and the work it takes for us to exist in them. Working within the awareness of humanity’s inalienable connection to and emergence from Nature, while also recognizing the sovereignty of each individual and community within our shared Unity of Nature.​


The active belief that, through our work, we will witness, support and hold space, in loving presence, for the absolute entirety of each individual’s process of awakening.​

Internal Ethos:
“Our roots; the foundational ethics of our community”​

Sacred Garden Ethics and Practice


We shall focus our practice on serving in ways that cultivate the wisdoms of care, respect, and trust.​


We shall hear and create space for community to come together and hear each other, heart-centered and mediation focused.​


We shall strive to be aware of how our belief systems, values, needs, limitations, and how they affect our work. We pledge to protect our community from anyone who seeks to manipulate, exploit or harm in any way.


We shall assist only with those practices for which we are qualified by personal experience and by training or education.

External Devotions:
“Our leaves and stems; how we function within society”​​

Sacred Garden Ethics and Practice

Community Accountability

We will support and challenge each other, as practitioners, in developing the highest quality and integrity of our service to society. Conscientiously receiving and giving feedback to our peers in this ongoing process of developing best practices and duty of care to best embody this shared vision.​

Non-Profit Accessibility

We strive to have our practices conducted in the spirit of service. The community shall strive to accommodate participants without regard to their ability to pay or make donations.​

Organic Outreach

We shall strive to be aware of how our belief systee seek to safeguard against the harmful consequences of personal and organizational ambition; we will focus on growth through attraction rather than active promotion.

Communal Caritas:
“Our flowers; the beauty we bring to society”​

Sacred Garden Ethics and Practice

Dedication to Healing

We take and make many reasonable preparations to protect each participant’s health and safety during spiritual practices and in the periods of vulnerability that may follow. Spiritual practices are designed and conducted in ways that respect the common good, traditional practices, and ancestral insights with due regard for public safety, health, and order. Limits on the behaviors of participants and facilitators are made clear and agreed upon in advance of any session.

Honor the Sacrament

We acknowledge the power of these Sacraments to heighten perception; due to the increased awareness gained from spiritual practices, catalyzing the desire for personal and social change is not uncommon. We shall use special care to help direct the energies of those we serve, as well as our own, in responsible ways that reflect a loving regard for the Unity of Nature.​

Commitment to Community

We shall respect and seek to preserve the autonomy and dignity of each person; this includes, but is not limited to, the safe, caring, compassionate, consensual and responsible guidance of the individual through their preparation, initiation and integration. We strive for the nurturance and well-being of all those we serve, and to the co-creation of safe, solid, sacred and secure containers for our practice.​

Transparent Practice

We know the necessity for, and thus, intentionally make space to allow, lucid, informed, and freely given consent with the intent for the surrender completely to the experience of respectful healing practice. Participation in practice will be voluntary and based on prior disclosure and consent given individually while in an ordinary state of consciousness. Disclosure includes, at a minimum, discussion of any elements of the practice that could reasonably be seen as presenting physical or psychological risks. In particular, participants will be made acutely aware that primary religious experience can be difficult and dramatically transformative.

Ethical Anonymity

We will ensure and maintain absolute privacy, confidentiality, discretion and respect in regard to the identities and specific personal processes of all those we serve, in addition to all those offering their service unless with their express permission.

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Ecosystem Partners​

We have allied with numerous community partners to be able empower our practitioners as they move along the spokes of the Healing Wheel.​



SPA, incubated within the Chacruna Institute, works closely with the SCG and the Chacruna legal council to legitimize and secure the sacred sangha practice. Chacruna specializes in research, education and documentaries.​

Wheel Partner: Navigation, Preparation,​ & Individual Integration



MycoRising is a partner in our network of sacrament experts, a close and trusted friend of SGC. Their work is focused strongly on educating people on cultivating relationships with fungi.

Wheel Partner: Preparation, Practice,​ & Individual Integration


San Francisco Psychedelic Society

San Francisco Psychedelic Society (SFPS) utilizes its strength in community outreach and psychedelic education reaching the masses interested in the psychedelic revolution. SFPS offers courses, gatherings, integration circles, film screenings, addiction support groups and peer-to-peer healings.​​

Wheel Partner: Navigation, Preparation,​
Individual Integration, & Community Integration

tam integration

Tam Integration

Tam Integration is a warm and inviting group founded with the intention of offering psychedelic integration events and spiritual support in Marin county and the Bay Area.​

Wheel Partner: Navigation, Preparation,​ Individual Integration, & Community Integration

inner city bliss

Inner City Bliss

Inner City Bliss is driven by a single goal; to do our part in bringing more BLISS into the world. Our goal is to help people recover from trauma by using therapeutic yoga practices.​

Wheel Partner: Navigation, Preparation,​Individual Integration, & Community Integration​

terra's temple

Terra's Temple

Terra’s Temple is a sacred space and a nexus for community committed to celebration and honoring of the earth mother in all her forms. People can come to the temple to rejuvenate, heal and recharge. It is a place for both those in need to receive and where even healers can be healed.​

Wheel Partner: Community Integration​


Dr. Bronner's Soap Company

Dr. Bronner's company has been supportive of community based change for years, and has offered support towards growing those communities together.  The founding sponsor of the SGC community space, which will serve as a home for not just our membership, but also as a point of operation for any and all of our community partners.​

Wheel Partner: Community Integration