Dear Seeker

and Prospective Initiate,
We’re honored by your interest

We’re excited that you are interested in finding and working with a sacred community of practice. If you have come this far, you have already met a community practitioner, perhaps at a gathering or talk, or perhaps as friends, and you have at least some introductory idea about our practice. Sacred Garden Community follows a careful and respectful practice, with discernment and trust, that learns from, engages and further develops the deepest wisdom traditions of our elders.



  • ​ Be at least 18 years of age or sponsored by your own parent or legal guardian​
  • Have an existing community sponsor. Ask a community member you know to sponsor your application​
  • Bring a careful, respectful attitude that exercises open-eyed, discerning trust in the positive healing intentions of this community, and of yourself



  • Complete an Introductory Screening Form. This will be kept confidential by the SGC Stewardship – e.g., reviewing Facilitators​
  • Attend one or more Navigation meetings with a trained facilitator, also called SGC Steward. SGC Stewardship will assess and engage with you to ensure effective Navigation​
  • Carry out Preparation, towards a safe and effective Initiation. This preparation may include your existing practices for health and insight, such as meditation, yoga, non-violent communication coursework, etc. Your Facilitator will assess and engage with you to ensure effective Preparation​
  • Engage Initiatory Practices with SGC. These are engaged individual and/or group practices designed to Initiate you into Sacred Garden​
  • Completion of Initiatory practices in close collaboration with your chosen Facilitator may result in graduation into Practitioner status

Thank you for taking the time to reach out, and if you are able to meet these requirements and expectations, we welcome you as you take the first steps of your journey with us.

Please go here to become an Seeker.  We are protective of our community and have proper channels for membership, please work with us to build safe communities.  Thank you for your time and consideration.