Practitioner Events

Education, Integration, and Community Gatherings for Members of the Church

Prospective Initiate Onboarding Workshop

Six Thursday, 6/4 – 7/9, 6pm

This intensive Practitioner training / community of practice onboarding workshop includes six
1.5 to 2 hour classes of formal curriculum, with included readings, designed to begin preparing you for safe, effective, informed and legally protected soul healing practice with sacred plants. Workshop materials will address Navigation, Preparation, Initiation, Practice, Integration and Community Integration as interdependent steps within SGC’s “Fractal Wheel Practice” for engaging and usefully integrating assisted meditations in group and individual settings.
Completion of this workshop, including Preparation work that we can help you with, will prepare you to engage Initiatory Practices with Sacred Garden Community. This process will lead you towards becoming an experienced Practitioner, effectively engaged in self-healing through sacred plant work with your sacred community of practice. Once you have achieved Practitioner status, additional opportunities including more advanced Technical Practices and Facilitation trainings become available. Grow with us!

Zoom Info
Meeting ID: 824 0426 6045
Password: #QuietDeep

Thursday, June 4th, 6pm

Session 1: Introduction and Navigation

Welcome to the workshop! In this session we orient ourselves, navigating expectations for the workshop, understanding whether or not it is a fit for you, and understanding what it will mean for us to journey together. After brief introductions and expectation setting, we will dive deeply into the first step towards engaging safe and effective assisted meditation in a good way – Navigation. Learn what it will take to meet yourself in an informed loving, effective, healing way, wherever you are in your personal healing practice. Meet Bob, Nicolle, Brian, Kufikiri and Strider – SGC’s Blooming Being Facilitation Team. Bob will kick us off.

Thursday, June 11th, 6pm

Session 2: Preparation

Today we will begin growing our knowledge of how to move most efficiently towards healing and insight with least unnecessary challenges, by engaging practice in a deliberate way. The second step in the SGC Wheel of Practice is Preparation. What Preparation have you engaged? Have you read and studied what to expect? Have you attended any meditation workshops to learn how to more usefully experience your inner world? You may care to attend an Integration circle in order to learn from other’s experience. Sacred Garden Community Facilitators will support you, and will ask you to creatively plan, engage and document sufficient Preparation, prior to engaging Initiation. Preparation session lead – Nicolle with Bob.

Thursday, June 18th, 6pm

Session 3: Initiation

This is a critical step that is often missed, getting started in a more careful, respectful and effective way as you begin to move deeply into the mystery that brings healing, through Initiation with Sacrament. We will ask, what does Initiation mean? What are its benefits? Initiation helps you understand useful expectations and guidelines for Practice, in a safe and deliberate ways. Are you practically and emotionally prepared? This session will draw on the wonderful resources our communities bring, to help you become informed and prepared, to
meet your sacred meditation as a healing practice, to receive the benefits of Sacrament- Assisted Meditation. Session leads – Bob and Brian will lead this session.​

Thursday, June 23rd, 6pm

Session 4: Practice

This is a big day, as we grow our attention into the center of assisted meditation and of the core Sacrament of the church, the Practice. Building on Preparation and Initiation, we will explore how to most usefully engage the day of Practice? This session will draw on experience with traditional and modern facilitation lineages to help you grow an effective self-healing Practice. Be informed and prepared to meet you direct experience as a healing practice, to safely and effectively receive the benefits of assisted meditation. Learn how challenging experiences can be healing opportunities. Bob and Brian will lead, others will also contribute.​

Thursday, June 30th, 6pm

Session 5: Integration

The healing work you are engaging is comprehensive, moving from initial Navigation all the way to personal Integration and Community Integration. Learn what Integration means from several traditions. Now that you have encountered your inner self through Assisted Meditation, what have you learned? How do you make sense out of your experience? How can these experiences help remove inner barriers to becoming a well-integrated individual? Session leads – Kufikiri, with Bob.​

Thursday, July 9th, 6pm

Session 6: Community Integration

The final workshop session reflects celebration, connection and service. You have grown deeper
insight into positive impacts that effective soul healing work can bring, not only to you, but also through you and your self-healing work… to your community. Sacred Garden Community believes that healing and insight is possible, in this lifetime, for you. Further, from our direct experience, we believe that the healing and insight practices we have engaged bring a call to connect to your sustaining community, to learn from, to grow with, even to serve and give back. Learn how to move from personal integration into self and community integration in a good way. Session leads – Kufikiri, with Bob, Nicolle, Brian and Strider​