Invitation to Become a Member

Congratulations on the life work and ongoing journey that has brought you here, to this carefully and quietly available – by invitation – page. Joining Sacred Garden Community as a member will open the way for you to engage sacred individual and community practice for healing and insight.

Members gain access to online (and in person subject to quarantine / safety) Sacred Garden Community trainings, including Navigation, Preparation, Initiation, Practice, Integration, Community Integration. Members also gain access to a deep and diverse sacred plant garden! Growing and knowing plant sacraments can be a divine experience, deeply healing and connecting.

Prepared members are connected to trained facilitation and resources, for direct engagement with Sacraments and to sacred practice in community.

Reciprocity & Sustainability

of Our Community

Sacred Garden Community is a church, not a for-profit institution, but we do ask you to consider reciprocity and sustainability as part of the membership options below. Membership doesn’t require payment, but payment suggestions categories are offered to guide you towards helping our community grow. Donations help pay for careful facilitation of your emotional and spiritual healing. Broadly, a payment of $100/month can sustainably support up to 6 assisted meditation ceremonies “Practice” in a year; with extensive / weekly support for Navigation, Preparation, Integration and Community Integration. Substantial recurring donations support scholarships for low or no income folks, as well as other community goals for growth. For example, we’ll be opening an additional physical location “Community Integration Center” in Oakland, in early 2021. We’re looking at new sites now!

If you are experiencing financial trauma, low income or no income – financial donations are not required! However, reciprocity helps grow mutual respect, care and sustainability. As you experience benefits from practice within community, you may choose to donate at higher levels than you might when you are exploring what membership means. Please give what you can, and if you are unable to donate financially, please ask us about scholarship and work/trade ways to share value and grow sustainability with your community.